Asperger Center for Education and Training

Our Services

College Coaching

The center provides trained coaches for students attending colleges in the New York City area. Skype and telephone services are also available.

An intensive course is offered that trains students, disability office staff, mental health professionals, parents, and interested others to provide coaching for college students with Asperger Syndrome. Next session January 14-18, 2013

Graduates of this course are listed for the convenience of families seeking coaching for their college student. For a list of coaches and their locations, click here >

Educational Consultation

The center provides consultation to public and private schools who need support for their students with Asperger Syndrome and related conditions. Training for groups of educational personnel and consultation regarding individual students is available.

Social Skills Seminar

Social Skills Seminar is a 10-week program for adolescents and adults with Asperger Syndrome, high-functioning autism, nonverbal learning disability, and social anxiety. Topics include nonverbal communication, making and maintaining relationships, conversation skills, appropriate use of social media, etc. The program is based on Dr. Mary Cohen’s book: Social Literacy: A Guide to Social Skills Seminars for Young Adults with ASD’s, NLD’s, and Social Anxiety. Classes are tailored to meet the needs of group members. For more information, contact Dr. Jaime Black at 914-712-8208 or

Peer Supervision

There is a peer supervision group once monthly designed for all professionals who work with children and adults on the autism spectrum. There is generally a discussion topic and everyone is encouraged to bring related cases to discuss. This group usually meets on the first Sunday of the month from 10 AM to 12 PM. For exact schedule and topic, please see the calendar for Spectrum Services at The location is at the offices of Spectrum Services at 303 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1003, New York City.